Need car insurance for a month?
insure a car for 1 month
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What is it?
Monthly car insurance is comprehensive, short term cover that you can buy for up to 28 days. It isn't possible to buy a policy for longer than that but you can buy another one for between one and twenty eight days when the old one expires. The main acceptance criteria, terms and conditions are listed below: you can see more by looking at the policy or the policy summary.
What can I use it for?
Domestic and pleasure purposes, commuting to work, your own business, sharing driving on a long journey, test driving a vehicle you are thinking of buying, lending your car to the kids or a visitor, taking over as driver at short notice, etc etc ..........
What can I insure?
You can apply for cover on a car that you own or one that you have borrowed, provided that you have the owner's permission to drive it. It should be:
Please note that you can NOT use one of these policies to collect an impounded vehicle.
Who can take out a policy?
Applications are invited from motorists aged between 19 and 75 who have held full driving licences for at least 12 months which were issued in the UK (including Northern Ireland), any country of the EEC, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Singapore, Mauritius, The Falkland Inlands and Gibraltar. Sorry, International driving licences can NOT be accepted.
Who can NOT take out a policy?
The following would probably disqualify a motorist from obtaining cover:
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